Let’s fight plastic pollution

Take action and help emerging communities all around the world

We connect companies and individuals with plastic recovery projects worldwide so they can grow their activity


Kilograms of plastic recovered


Equivalent in 1.5 l plastic bottles

Be part of the change

Part of the urgency today lays in supporting and empowering plastic recovery, especially in those regions that lack infrastructure, to minimize the damage while we are developing alternatives.

Those are recommendations from the WEF and the Ocean Plastics Charter signed by more than 40 nations.

Our solutions

If we don’t tackle the problem from a global perspective, we will not solve it.
That’s why Plastiks platform connect businesses and organizations with recovery projects
from all over the world to help them take immediate and verifiable action against plastic pollution.

Be responsible for your plastic footprint

Be responsible for your plastic footprint. Recover as much plastic as you produce, or more.

Strategic actions for your sustainable customers

Create sustainable NFTs or reward and empower your customers with a recovery campaign.

Give back to the environment with every sale

Recover a specific amount of plastic for each product or service sold.

Let's inspire the rest of the world

Creating impact is great for the planet. Telling your story effectively is just as important to ignite a global revolution dedicated to planetary change. That’s where our story telling team comes in. Once you’ve sign up with us, our in house team of creative experts will work with you to shape customized campaigns that work for your brand

Express your story

Your story can reach the whole world

Exhibit your impact

Set your brand apart and remembered

Engage your tribe

Change the world together with your costumers

Elevate planet action

Become a thought leader within your industry

How it works?

Steps to become a contributor

Select a solution

Set up a goal of recovery and choose a recovery project to support.

Plastic waste is picked up

Each time plastic is recovered by the recovery project, a Plastic Recovery Guarantee (PRG) is generated

Communicate your values

Share your positive impact with your customers and incorporate environmental stewardship into your offering.

Real customers, real results

They are in this fight, will you join us?


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