University of Sheffield Basketball gives you our 1st edition NFT

Create your profile at Plastiks and help us fight plastic pollution on a fun way.

Your NFT helps to clean the world. It sponsors the recovery of 1Kg of plastic from the Ivory Coast.​

1Kg of plastic is equivalent to 2500 plastic straws or 108 bottles.

Our mission

Fight global plastic pollution and give everybody a chance to take action in our web3 ecosystem.

Trym, our COO, shares some encouraging words and takes us to the roots of our journey with Plastiks. Why should we sponsor the removal of plastic from the environment?

NFTs that unit Sports and Sustainability ​

Plastiks NFT marketplace is unique because it merges the best sports’ moments with plastic recovery data. Every NFT at Sheffield Basketball Collection sponsors a plastic recovery project somewhere in the world. This 1st edition NFT is a gift to you.

Then choose other NFTs and take direct action in reducing plastic pollution.

Know more about Plastiks​

We invite you to be part of Plastiks’ ecosystem, together with Alex and many other conscious citizens​ also fighting plastic pollution.

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