Plastiks gives you $1 credit for free to support plastic recovery

We are delighted to have you here with us to fight plastic pollution

Support a Plastic Recovery Project

Choose the recovery project to which you want to donate your $1 credit for the recovery of 1 kg of plastic, equivalent to 2500 plastic straws or 108 water bottles!

Our mission

Fight global plastic pollution and give everybody a chance to take action in our web3 ecosystem.

Trym, our COO, shares some encouraging words and takes us to the roots of our journey with Plastiks. Why should we sponsor the removal of plastic from the environment?

About sponsoring a recovery project

In developing countries like Brazil, 90% of what is recycled passes through the hands of waste-picker projects. These projects raise awareness of the many limitations the waste management sector faces in their countries and demonstrate the important role of each waste-picker so that the recycling business can reach higher numbers. By sponsoring a Recovery Project, you are generating environmental and social impact.

You can sponsor plastic recovery all around the world​

We invite you to be part of our ecosystem, together with Alex and many other conscious citizens also fighting plastic pollution.

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