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Clos Galena decided to go beyond its primary environmental commitment to have a responsible and regenerative production. They identify the plastic footprint generated to commercialize their wine, especially in the retail arena, and decide to sponsor the recovery of plastic to compensate its widespread use.

“The winery, with its sustainability plan for the coming years, sees a great opportunity to be able to reduce its plastic and carbon footprint thanks to the Plastiks project. The fight against climate change must be done inside outside the vineyard and winery”

Merche Dalmau
Merche Dalmau

CEO & Founder

Clos Galena has sponsored Esperanza, a social enterprise based in India, that works with the Safai Saathis, the waste pickers who collect plastic waste for a living, who are mostly women. They also recycle the material in their facilities, to later sell the plastic as a raw material. Esperanza aims to provide dignified jobs especially for women, who face discrimination in the job market, and for this reason they represent over 60% of their employees.

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