Set up a plastic recovery goal

Set up a plastic recovery goal based on the quantity of plastic your business or you as an individual wants to recover.

Perhaps you want to compensate for the plastic you produce, or you want to match the plastic you recover to plastic produced by a certain product line.

Or maybe your business produces or uses very little plastic, but you still want to contribute to reducing plastic waste in the environment.

Decide how much plastic you wish to recover, turn it into a goal, and we will help you to reach it. It’s that simple!

Choose a recovery project

Once you have set up your plastic recovery goal, it’s time to choose a recovery project to support.

With over 25 recovery projects around the globe, from Brazil to India and Tanzania, you can choose the recovery project that identifies most with your clientele.

Our transparency guarantee

At Plastiks, transparency is at the core of our ecosystem.

When plastic is recovered by a recovery project, a Plastic Recovery Guarantee (PRG) is created and credited to your real-time sustainability dashboard on the Plastiks platform. Your customers can see the plastic you have recovered at all times, providing you with 100% transparency.

Our platform is powered by blockchain, so all transactions are visible and traceable.


What is a PRG?

The PRG (Plastic Recovery Guarantee) is a unique plastic credit, corresponding to a specific quantity and type of plastic that has been recovered and recycled. This information is then digitalized in the form of an NFT, with all data stored on the blockchain.

NFT technology allows our plastic credits to be visible online and carry at all times, plastic recovery and recycling data in a transparent and immutable way.

It is a digital form of proof that plastic did not end up in the environment.

How to get involved?

Compensate your plastic footprint

Be responsible for your plastic footprint. Recover as much plastic as you produce, or twice as much as you produce…

Recover plastic based on your sales

Give back to the environment with every sale. Recover a specific amount of plastic for every product or service that you sell…

Empower your customers to participate

Get your customers involved with plastic recovery directly from your checkout, reward and empower them through a campaign…

Benefits for recovery projects

Supporting plastic recovery directly generates a new source of income for recovery projects.

With this income, recovery projects can:

  • Grow their environmental impact in countries that lack the infrastructure to recover and recyle plastic waste
  • Grow their social impact by providing jobs and supporting local communities

In return, companies can take immediate and verified action against plastic pollution.

Benefits for your business:

Sponsoring plastic recovery projects has many benefits for your business.

Your business can:

  • Meet its ESG and sustainability goals by taking verified action against plastic pollution
  • Communicate your positve environmental and social impact to your community with your unique sustainability dashboard
  • Empower and incentivize your community to recover plastic waste
  • Build brand trust and strengthen your brand reputation
Plastiks tools

By sponsoring plastic recovery, you get access to a number of Plastiks tools, including:

  • Real-time Sustainability Dashboard
  • QR code leading to your Sustainability Dashboard
  • Plastic Recovery Contributor Certification for your brand’s touchpoints
  • Impactful content from recovery projects for your social media
  • Plastic recovery campaigns to engage with your customers

Ready to meet your sustainability goals?

Talk with a member of the team for more information.