Plastic Recovery Guarantee (PRG)

A PRG is an NFT that is rooted in real recovery data and is accessible for anyone to view.

A Plastic Recovery Guarantee™ is a digital receipt containing data from a specific act of plastic recovery from the environment, more specifically, what type and quantity that has been recovered, from where and what legal entity that did the job.
A Plastic Recovery Guarantee™ is based on NFT technology, thus guaranteeing its immutable and transparent content which in turn allows for companies and recovery projects to transact between themselves to buy and sell Plastic Recovery Guarantees™ to sponsor certain acts of plastic waste recovery.

An entity or organization that is effectively recovering plastic from the environment and ensuring that it is processed for recycling or energy-recapturing by incineration and confirms that it will not end up in a landfill. 

When we say the environment; this includes cities, landfills, oceans, rivers, beaches, jungles etc.  

Depending on the geographical territory of where the recovery is taking place in, it is more likely that a certain type of entity is performing the act of recovery. For example, in cities, it is more common that this job is carried out by waste management companies whilst recovery projects, often working as nonprofit organizations or environmental tech startups are more likely to work close to beaches, jungles, and waterways.  

However, there are no clear universal guidelines for this. Depending on the territory, and the availability of waste management infrastructure in that territory, is what typically determines who does the job and thus being able to generate a Plastic Recovery Guarantee. 

Plastic Recovery Guaranteescan be used to monitor your impact on the environment and share it with your audience. Recovery projects from around the world are uploading their plastic recovery data using NFT technology to provide verifiable impact stories of how and where in the world plastic is recovered.  

When you buy a Plastic Recovery Guarantee of 1kg for $1 on the Plastiks Marketplace, 80% of the value goes to the recovery project who recovered this specific quantity of plastic. This source of extra income incentivizes the projects to increase their activities and reward their transparency, especially in emerging and developing countries that lack the infrastructure and transparency. 

We have developed a system of reporting for you, to verify the actions being carried out by the projects you sponsor, and you can share their journey with your community. Although Plastic Recovery Guarantees™ are NFTs, they have no value on the secondary market, other than proving that specific impact, represented by the NFT. Naturally, we don’t count the same recovered plastic twice so therefore you cannot sell it once it has been bought.  

Generate new incomes to leverage your activity of recovery, improve workers conditions and equipment, empower more people with low job opportunity in your workforce. 

  • Get more equipment and better infrastructure. 
  • Improve workers conditions and create new job opportunities. 
  • Empower more women in the workforce in underprivileged countries. 
  • Provide education about plastic circularity and recycling to local communities. 


The Invoice Data: 

The invoice serves as the foundation of data information about the type and amount of plastic that has been recovered, who did the job and where did they do it. 

If you are collecting plastic waste in the environment and returning it to collection points or to recyclers who in turn is creating the prime resource and generating invoices for selling that waste (mixed plastic also accepted), as long as you can get access to an invoice for collecting and returning that plastic waste, you are eligible to create plastic recovery guarantees on the Plastiks Marketplace. 

Everybody can use it to show commitment to the environment. We are one world and one people sharing it so we better take care of it and ensure that our children can enjoy it like we have.  

You can always be a contributor of plastics recovery by purchasing Plastic Recovery Guarantees™, as this indicates your commitment to reduce plastic waste in the environment. Companies and individuals alike can benefit from showing their positive actions and sharing it with their community. 

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