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Our Recovery Projects

Developing countries are the ones most affected by plastic waste, mainly due to a lack of education and underdeveloped recycling infrastructure. Plastiks wants to help change this through collaboration with recovery projects in these areas.

The recovery projects we are working with are vital in restoring what plastic pollution has damaged, and they need funding to increase their impact.

Our Policy

Plastiks intends to fight plastic pollution by supporting sustainable and reliable plastic recovery activities operating across the globe, with a strong focus on transparency, accountability and compliance.​ All plastic recovered through our projects will be used as a resource, and never end up in landfill.

The Plastiks platform is gathering environmental actors, especially in regions that lack infrastructure and local regulations, and has designed a resilient methodology to mitigate this lack of standards. ​

Our methodology

Taking care of any detail

Onboarding recovery project

Ensure compliance with Plastiks’ requirements and international standards.
Promote anti-fraud culture ​
Support project to enhance acivities

Approval and scoring

Analyze documentation for potential risks​
Assess performance according to compliance and transparency standards​
Define auditing frequency and funding policy

PRG verification & Reporting

Verify operations and transactions for each Plastic Recovery Guarantee​
Monitor recovery project operations
Report and communicate impact

Our recovery projects

Success stories

“Brazil recycles only 2,1% and plastic waste is a chronic problem in the brazilian cities. Green mining was founded to reduce the environmental damage caused by plastic waste and guarantee respect work for people with few job opportunities. The success of this project means we can provide our workers with a better standard of living while removing even more plastic”
Rodrigo Oliveira
CEO and Co-Founder of Green Mining

Generate positive environmental impact with Plastiks NFTs

  • Give companies and individuals the opportunity to support plastic recovery.
  • Promote transparency in the plastic economy.
  • Access better equipment and infrastructure.
  • Improve working conditions and create new job opportunities.
  • Empower more women in your workforce.
  • Provide education about plastic circularity and recycling to local communities.
  • Demonstrate to the world the importance of your work in your region.


Species are affected
by plastic pollution


Years to decompose
plastic in landfills


Of the population
have microplastics in their blood

Know more

8 million tons of plastic enters our oceans annually. 700 species are affected by plastics, 1 credit card worth of microplastics is consumed every week by each adult, 80% of the population has microplastics in their blood. 

It’s important to note where the vast majority of the world’s plastic pollution is coming from right now. 90% of all plastic waste entering the oceans through rivers, comes from just ten rivers in Asia and Africa. 

Emerging countries industrialized at an impressive pace in the last few decades, transforming the lives of billions of people. This development was so fast, that the garbage disposal infrastructure couldn’t keep up with collecting and recycling all the new waste. 

If organizations and individuals in western countries want to help address this issue, investing in infrastructure in developing countries is just as important as fighting plastic pollution at home with campaigns and redesigning products to minimize unnecessary plastic production. 

If we do not address plastic pollution from a global perspective, we will not solve it. 

Imagine a world where every bit of plastic has a first name and a last name. Imagine a world where we would know for sure how much plastic we are actually producing and recovering from the environment. 

There is a lot of plastic data in the world, about production, recovery and where plastic ends up. But do we really know? Since plastic is not really being tracked or verified, it is impossible to know what plastic is being accounted for. 

Introducing Plastiks, the ecosystem where everybody can take verifiable action to support recovery projects committed to fight plastic pollution, and reward transparency in the plastic economy. 

Upload and certify your invoice data as Plastic Recovery Guarantees on the Plastiks Marketplace. 

  • Give companies and individuals the opportunity to support plastic recovery. 
  • Promote transparency in the plastic economy. 

Plastiks is partnering up with recovery projects around the world, with a focus on developing countries where pollution is the most difficult to manage. 

With the Plastiks Marketplace, recovery projects around the world can create recovery guarantees from data related to their activity of collecting plastic waste in the environment. 

Generate new incomes to leverage your activity of recovery, improve workers conditions and equipment, empower more people with low job opportunity in your workforce. 

  • Get more equipment and better infrastructure. 
  • Improve workers conditions and create new job opportunities. 
  • Empower more women in the workforce in underprivileged countries. 
  • Provide education about plastic circularity and recycling to local communities. 


The Invoice Data: 

The invoice serves as the foundation of data information about the type and amount of plastic that has been recovered, who did the job and where did they do it. 

If you are collecting plastic waste in the environment and returning it to collection points or to recyclers who in turn is creating the prime resource and generating invoices for selling that waste (mixed plastic also accepted), as long as you can get access to an invoice for collecting and returning that plastic waste, you are eligible to create plastic recovery guarantees on the Plastiks Marketplace. 

Connect with companies and individuals around the world that are looking to support your activity and fight plastic pollution. 

  • Create awareness for your project by demonstrating your impact. 
  • Show to the world the importance of your work in your region. 
  • Share your impactful story and let others show it to the world. 

 Each user on has a Sustainability Dashboard, showing the amount and type of plastic recovered, from where in the world it has been recovered and when. 

Each recovery project on, has a social account, where they can display their Plastic Recovery Guarantees for sale, demonstrate their impactful story and generate fundings for their cause.