Reduce your plastic footprint

Compensate for your plastic usage or production

Recover what you produce

Much like compensating for their carbon footprint, many responsible businesses are taking action to compensate for their plastic footprint.

Be responsible for the plastic that you produce with Plastiks. For every kilogram of plastic your company uses, a measured equivalent of plastic waste is recovered and removed from the environment by one or more of our recovery projects.

Recover 2x your production

By recovering twice as much plastic as your footprint, you are naturally twice as responsible for your plastic footprint.

Become the industry leader in your region in terms of plastic recovery.

How it works?

Take responsibility for your plastic footprint

Calculate your plastic footprint

Calculate the plastic that your company uses or produces and use this information to decide how much plastic you want to compensate for.

Approval and scoring

Set up a plastic recovery goal based on your plastic footprint, then choose a recovery project to support.

PRG verification & Reporting

Plastic is recovered, and a “Plastic Recovery Guarantee” is generated and credited to your dashboard, which you can share with your community.

Ready to meet your sustainability goals?

Talk with a member of the team for more information.

Other solution

Take a look at our other ways to collaborate

Sponsorship based on sales

Sponsor plastic recovery with every product or service

Set up a yearly plastic recovery goal and reach it with a monthly sponsorship

Engage your customers

Engage your customers by offering plastic recovery directly at your checkout

Reward and empower your customers with a plastic recovery campaign

Create utility NFTs that support plastic recovery