An NFT Collection that combines sports with sustainability, bringing together players and fans, to fight plastic pollution.

Sustainability Footprint: The University of Sheffield Men’s Basketball Club already uses minibuses to travel to games outside of the university, to avoid going in multiple cars, reducing its CO2 footprint. The club also reuses old kits as much as possible and makes sure to book training venues that are all accessible on foot. Now by partnering with Plastiks, the club is reducing its plastic footprint by recovering plastic in Ivory Coast.

“Our partnership with Plastiks will benefit the club by helping us promote sustainability within university sports teams. It has already benefited the club by helping us purchase essential equipment and material for the upcoming season… The collaboration is so important for the club in general as it represents something that has never been done before, being the first club to do it creates a sense of uniqueness and attracts the attention of many people”.

Jack Loizel
Jack Loizel

President of University of Sheffield Men’s Basketball Club

The University of Sheffield Men’s Basketball Club wants to pave the way for other sports clubs to be sustainable and environmentally conscious. Through their Plastiks NFT Collection, they are empowering fans to be part of the solution to plastic pollution. By connecting sports with sustainability, the club is unifying their community, growing supporter loyalty, enhancing the club’s image and reputation, and providing the club with an extra source of revenue.

The impact: By sponsoring Recyplast, the University of Sheffield Men’s Basketball Club is reducing plastic waste in Ivory Coast and is helping to provide work for local, informal waste pickers. The sale of every NFT in the Sheffield Collection recovers at least 1 kg of plastic, the equivalent to 108 empty plastic bottles.

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