Sponsor based on sales

Especially when it comes to businesses, is of the utmost importance.

Recover plastic with every sale

Build your brand and fight plastic pollution by sponsoring plastic recovery based on sales.

Chose which recovery project you wish to sponsor and recover a specific amount of plastic for each product or service sold.

Bring awarness to your brand

Show the plastik logo on your products to show to your customers you care about the environment

Set a yearly recovery goal

Decide how much plastic you wish to recover from the environment, turn it into a yearly goal, and we will help you to reach it.

Share your positive impact to your customers with our real-time sustainability dashboard.

How it works?

Steps to become a contributor

Select a solution

Set up a goal of recovery and chooses a recovery project to support.

Calculate your footprint

Each time plastic is recovered by the recovery project, a Plastic Recovery Guarantee (PRG) is generated

Take action

Share your positive impact with your customers and incorporate environmental stewardship into your offering.

Ready to meet your sustainability goals?

Talk with a member of the team for more information.

Other solution

Take a look at our other ways to collaborate

Reduce your plastic footprint

Compensate for your plastic usage/production and take responsibility for your plastic footprint

Recover twice as much plastic as you produce, and be twice as responsible for your plastic footprint

Engage your customers

Engage your customers by offering plastic recovery directly at your checkout

Reward and empower your customers with a plastic recovery campaign

Create utility NFTs that support plastic recovery