The Beginning of the Journey: 2021 Wrapped Up

The Beginning of the Journey: 2021 Wrapped Up

To say that these past few months at Plastiks have been exciting would be an understatement. Plastiks is in a state of continuous development and evolution. So far in the journey we have seen developments with the Plastik Token, the Plastiks Marketplace, the website and the Marketing Strategy. We have also been privileged to get new Team Members and Advisors to help us along our way.

André Vanyi-Robin in our video, ‘Plastiks — the Art of Recycling’.

The Plastik Token

On the 30th September, we launched the Plastik Token. The Plastik Token will be used to enable our Plastiks Platform. Since our launch, we have been listed on Bitmart, a large exchange. In addition, we have been listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. On the 24th December, we will be listing on LBANK too. Millions of Plastik Tokens have been bought and sold already. Thank you to all those who have believed in us so far!

The Plastiks Marketplace

Even more excitingly, we are thrilled to announce that the Beta Marketplace is up-and-running. Initially, this will only be available to a select group of producers and recyclers as we iron out the creases. The first recyclers have already signed up and are ready to get going. We are already in talks with artists who are excited to join at the end of January. Conversations with artists and recyclers have helped us understand exactly what both parties are looking for in the Marketplace. These conversations as well as analysis of how the Beta Marketplace is being used will help us develop the Beta 2.0 Marketplace due earlier next year. We also continue to look for new recyclers, producers and artists that may be interested in getting involved in the platform.

André Vanyi-Robin in our video, ‘Plastiks — the Art of Recycling’.

New Team Members

To help us with this enormous task, we have hired a new VP of Empowerment (Sebastian Stockzelius), Marketing & Communications Manager (Fernanda Accorsi), Product Development Manager (Mateo Alcazar), new community managers (David Sardwal, Natalia García) and several new advisors. We are very excited to welcome these new members on board in this time of expansion and are very thankful for their help so far.

New Website

As part of our expansion, we have developed our website which continues to be updated to reflect each new internal development. For example, we have just added a new longer-term roadmap to the website.

Spreading the Word

We really believe in the Plastiks project and we really want to get the message out there. This is why it is so important to have an engaging Marketing Strategy. To get the word out, we have used every tool under the sun. Our Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram in English and Discord have all been active and we have surpassed 10K followers on Instagram and Telegram and have surpassed 20K on Twitter. Recently, we have also launched Telegram channels in Spanish and Turkish. The past few months have seen the publication of Press Releases in Yahoo Finance, Business Insider and IDE (Información del envase y del embalaje). We have carried out Airdrops and Bounty Programs. Bitmart has held Trading Competitions, Buy & Earn events and Airdrops on our behalf which are still on-going. We have created Corporate Videos and have been flattered by the Youtube videos made about us. André Vanyi-Robin, CEO of Plastiks, has been happy to answer your questions about our project at our frequent AMAs. We look forward to hearing any more questions you have at our next one.

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We would like to thank all those who have supported Plastiks so far and we hope you continue to do so. Let’s see what the next month holds — hopefully more plain-sailing. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.